Submarine Batteries for Sale

"The smart alternative, for long lasting off the grid power."


" FIVE-FOOT HIGH Nuclear Submarine Batteries are very conservatively designed to outlast the lifetime of a submarine boat, (35 years). One of the great improvements is the use of calcium in the very thick oxide-lead positive plate. This allows low gassing during charging, which results in only adding water once every two years, and much lower charge loss, due to charge migration during stand-by. We estimate for home use you will get 35 years or better with good care. Each cell is 2.0 volts per cell X 7000 amps = 14,000 watt hours, a 12 volt system = 6 cells X 14,000 watt hours= 84,000 watt hours, this could run an average household for up to 45 days, (ganging more cells together can accommodate 24 volt, 48 volt, etc., systems). With a 48 volt system, (24 cells), 4 X 45 days = 180 days = 6 months. When current is drawn from batteries at 200 amps or less, instead of 7000 amps, as above, kilowatt hour ratings are increased 20 to 30%. This is due to the lower heating effect of the acid. (1 kilowatt hour = 1000 watts every hour or a toaster or a 1000 watt light bulb left on for one hour). Operating batteries at room temperature increases the efficiency still more. Using the electrolyte pumping system built into each cell increases the efficiency still more. This prevents acid from settling out, by pumping acid from the bottom of the cell to the top. These batteries were made by Exide, one of the leaders of battery manufacturing. Weight 1068 lbs. with acid; 900 lbs. dry; 14" X 14" X 58" high; fiberglass case for extra strength; 22 gal. ordinary auto battery acid (available in most cities for $4.50 per gal.); all new cells shipped dry on pallets FOB Brockton, Massachusetts. Can be trickle charged from commercial power, wind generators, or photovoltaic. You will find the quiet power of batteries is far better for peace of mind than a noisy generator that has to be serviced & fueled regularly. Why deal with small batteries with short lifetimes, replace the weak link in photovoltaic systems with true lifetime submarine battery cells. Call for details and prices. 508-586-8033




24 cells ganged together


One cell on battery caddy                     Fits through most doors