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What Do You Need to Know as a Buyer?

There is several things to consider when buying property and/or moving to a new place, the information below is provided to you in order to help you make confident and competent decisions. Planning to move to a new place can seem like a daunting task, however, these tips can help you with your planning and decisions. We are confident that this information will make your relocation experience much easier and more productive. Enjoy, and please don't hesitate to contact us with your questions and comments.


What is important about representation? A good question and place to start when you are thinking about relocating to a new area.

First let's look at what representation is. Most property owners looking to sell property either decide to sell their property by themselves or hire a real estate professional to help them. Why would someone hire a real estate professional to help them sell their property? At first glance, the reasons might be obvious, perhaps it's because they just don't want to hassle with marketing and showing their property. Perhaps it's because they feel that the real estate agent has better tools and resources to market their property. Or perhaps they just don't have the time. The truth is it could be all of those things, but most importantly, even if folks don't want to admit it, they typically don't have the experience and/or the education to market property properly, using tools and resources and tools that are currently effective to accomplish the task. There is, in addition, a liability issue. That is to say that, a property that is not properly marketed and sold, has the potential to leave the seller wide open for legal ramifications and future hassles, and as we all know this is no fun, as it can cost folks time, money and hassle. For sale by owners typically go it alone because there just isn't enough equity in the property to hire a real estate professional to help, (boy, we certainly see equity deficient properties now days, right?). However folks attempting to do this, without the knowledge or experience, are definitely taking on some risks.

So, what about the Buyers? Think about it, most sellers have real estate professional looking out for their best interests, who is looking out for the buyers best interests? Well if you are out there just driving around looking at property and calling who ever is on the sign at each property that looks interesting to you, several things are happening there.

  1. You are possibly wasting a lot a gas and time, that's just the obvious.
  2. You may be establishing implied agency relationships with multiple agents.
  3. The agents you are talking with have a responsibility to their clients, (sellers), that leaves you kind of out in the cold when it comes the quality of care that they can provide you as a buyer, (they are looking out for their clients best interests, the sellers).
  4. How can a sellers agent help you negotiate the best deal if they are on the sellers side of a transaction?
  5. How can a sellers agent help you research the property to even come up with a good strategy to even put together a good offer or even make a good decision whether of not to pursue the deal at all?

That's right, they can't. As a matter of fact, there is a good chance that they are attempting to represent both sides of the transaction. Now I ask you, would you hire an attorney to represent you and the other guy? Well, attorneys can not do this anyway, but you get the idea, it just can not be done properly, and if attorneys can't do it we as licensed professionals can't do it either. Makes sense does it not?

The solution is simple, find a "Buyer Broker" agency that represents buyers exclusively and select them using the following criteria, much like sellers interview selling agents to find the one that will do the best job for them, you should interview buyer brokers too.

  1. What kind of resources do they have to help you determine what you can afford.
  2. What type of tools do they possess that can help you find a property that meets your needs and wants, and are they sensitive to those requirements.
  3. What is there back ground and experience.
  4. Do they have negotiation skills.
  5. Do they have the resources that they can share with you to help you when you need inspections, and other types of professional services, before, during and after the sale.
  6. And of course, do they have a willingness to devote the time and attention that you desire to accomplish your goals.

I hope that this information is helpful in selecting the proper representation, as you can see it can make a difference in whether or not you have a more pleasant and productive property buying experience. Remember, It's your move, it's your money, it's important, don't take unnecessary risks.


So, you have the desire to move to a new area, where do you start? Researching the area that you are thinking of moving to is a good place to start. Most folks believe that the internet is a good resource for research, perhaps it is, however, how do you know if the information you are looking at there is accurate or even pertinent to your needs and wants. What if you had someone that could refer quality resources to you, or even help you do the research, or better yet, do the research for you based on your questions and comments? Let's say that after you have done enough research to satisfy your curiosity concerning demographics, personal interests and services that fit your needs and wants, you might ask the question, can I afford to live in this wonderful new environment? Who might I contact to figure this out? You have already found out what the relative cost of living is, and what the jobs typically pay, so what does property cost where you are going vs. what property cost where you are? Good idea to have a good resource to figure this out and establish some sense of value. Some folks might try this on there own, however, just looking at asking prices of property on the internet, or in magazines and such, will only provide you with a false sense of value and massive confusion. It would be important, at this time, to find out what properties have sold for, during the last 6 months, in the areas that you may be interested in. By doing so, you have a way to properly determine the market place and compare it where you are. That being said, what would be a good next step? How about finding out costs and what you can afford, not only costs of moving, but costs when you get there, that may apply to your needs. Also, a good idea at this time is to contact a good mortgage broker, that would be willing to help you figure out your financial strategy too. What about other resources you might require? i.e., who do you contact for various home inspections, escrow services, property improvement estimates, utilities, other services, employment opportunities, medical needs, clubs, organizations and so on?

Good resources are invaluable tools for you to make competent and confident decisions. You might find that a good Buyer Broker could possess many resources that  would really help you with all of your research and decisions, you know, your buyer broker might even do a lot of research for you, however, you might enjoy the adventure of just using the resources provided to you on your own. Whew! we could all use a little help now and then, why work hard when you can work smart. Let your resources work for you, allowing you to make good choices and decisions.


Why would planning be important? Moving to a new environment is a life effecting decision, like other decisions, there has to be a reason why you would want to take the time and effort to make the move, right? Maybe it's for a job opportunity, or for health reasons, or the weather is just getting to you, or maybe you just can't stand to live so close to the things in life that irritate you about where you are. What ever the reason, be sure that you have some goals and desires that are worthy of the endeavor that lies before you. Having good reasons to move will empower you to put together a plan that can help streamline your relocation efforts. Let's face it, moving to a new environment can be some of the biggest decisions we may make in our lives, it doesn't have to be stressful and over whelming, it truly can be a pleasurable experience that you look forward to rather then dread. Setting goals and ambitions and then striving to achieve those challenges can be very satisfying, to say the least. We all want to improve our lives, but we don't want it to necessarily be a chore. 

Having a purpose, making plans, gathering resources, being informed and getting proper representation, can make moving to a new place one of the best decisions you ever made. Remember, make it easy on yourself. Enjoy life!



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