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Most buyer's begin their search for the right property by
calling on ads, signs or searching listings on properties on the internet that they are interested in seeing.
The majority of buyer's believe that the agent they call is "their agent" when
In fact, that agent is 99.9% of the time the listing agent who is under contract to represent the seller. 

Ask yourself some questions before you become involved with the agent that advertises properties that 
interest you...

1) Does that agent have a listing contract with the seller?
2) If that agent has a listing contract with the seller, for whom does that agent work for, you or the seller?
3) To whom does that agent owe allegiance, you or the seller?
4) If that agent sells you his or her own listing he or she will not have to share the commission with 
another agent thereby doubling the commission. That being the case, who's listing (s) 
do you believe that agent will show you first, or only, and speak highly of and try to sell you?
5) What is the likelihood that that agent will try to negotiate the highest price for the seller?
6)What is the likelihood that that agent will try to negotiate the lowest price for you?
7) If you deal with the seller's agent do you believe that you will be shown all available 
in your price and interest range?
8) If you want exclusive representation, do you believe that the listing agent can represent you exclusively?
9)Does an attorney represent both parties in a contested law suit or divorce?
10)Do you believe that the listing agent that shows you their listings is "your agent"?

Here is what other sources say about Buyer Representation

The Federal Trade Commission says; buyers wanting exclusive representation should put it in writing.
The American Association of Retired People say; BUYER'S AGENTS better represent buyers then seller's agents.
Housing and Urban Development says; Real Estate Brokers serve the interests of the sellers, not you, the buyers.
The National Association of Realtorsģ says; the same agent representing both the buyer and seller is
inappropriate, and difficult to make lawful.
U.S.Sprint says; using BUYER'S AGENTS saves their employees an average of 5.5% on the purchase of homes.

Many large Corporations now use BUYER'S AGENTS for relocating employees.


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